[Melbourne-pm] Training + experience = expertise? (Was: SPUG: Introducing The Perl College)

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Sun Mar 2 17:20:05 PST 2008

Is it just training? or is there also some "on the job" experience?
As good as Damian is, I don't think a week of Damian turns a junior  
into an intermediate - you need to also apply that knowledge for a  
period of time before you really retain/attain it.

I've been thinking about how to run a perl/open-source bootcamp for a  
while, but I think it needs to follow with 3 months of real work (in a  
semi-coached environment). Then you can vouch for the capability of  
the graduates (= they get a testamur for both their studies and their  
work - so students who really apply themselves should get these best  
jobs :-)


On 03/03/2008, at 12:04 PM, Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> For those who haven't found out by other means, I thought I'd point  
> out what Uri
> Guttman and Damian Conway are up to in the US.  Note this isn't  
> happening here
> (yet), so you probably can't apply, I'm just sharing news.
> What a great idea, huh?
> 	J
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> Subject: SPUG: Introducing The Perl College
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> From: Andrew Sweger <andrew at sweger.net>
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> Forwarding to SPUG on behalf of Uri Guttman. My apologies if this is  
> your
> third (or morth) viewing of this message.
> What is the Perl College?
> 	The Perl College is a creative merger of job training and job
> 	fairs. Here are its primary goals:
> 	* Provide free top quality training to qualified
> 	  junior level Perl developers
> 	* Improve their Perl skills to the intermediate level
> 	* Match the new graduates with Perl jobs in the hiring companies
> 	* http://perlhunter.com/college.html
> 	The Perl College was created to address these issues in
> 	recruiting Perl coders:
> 	* A shortage of intermediate level Perl developers
> 	* A surplus of junior level Perl developers
> 	* Some are not developing Perl full time
> 	* Many are looking for a career developing Perl but can't get
> 	  needed training and experience
> 	* Companies lacking the resources to train Perl developers
> 	We are currently seeking both sponsors and students for this
> 	unique education/recruitment opportunity.
> Hiring Sponsors: Thirty great applicants - cheap!
> 	Imagine how much it would cost in both time and money to find
> 	and train a qualified applicant for your Perl jobs. The Perl
> 	College dramatically improves the efficiency of this process by
> 	pre-screening and accepting only the most motivated
> 	students. Then we take it one step further. We take those
> 	already highly motivated students and train them up to a solid
> 	intermediate level of Perl skills. Efficiency, cost
> 	effectiveness and quality results - what could be better for
> 	your Perl recruitment needs?
> Student Candidates: Put yourself ahead of the competition.
> 	If selected you will have a week of free training from Damian
> 	Conway (valued at $3000). Plus you will exposed to employers who
> 	are actively seeking intermediate level Perl developers.
> 	Competition to get in will be fierce so put your best foot
> 	forward. Don't wait to apply as we will take only the thirty
> 	most qualified students.
> For more information on The Perl College, and how to apply to be a
> sponsor or a student go to these pages:
> 	http://perlhunter.com/college.html
> 	http://perlhunter.com/sponsors.html
> 	http://perlhunter.com/students.html
> Thanks,
> Uri Guttman, Dean of The Perl College
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