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For those who haven't found out by other means, I thought I'd point out what Uri
Guttman and Damian Conway are up to in the US.  Note this isn't happening here
(yet), so you probably can't apply, I'm just sharing news.

What a great idea, huh?


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Subject: SPUG: Introducing The Perl College
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Forwarding to SPUG on behalf of Uri Guttman. My apologies if this is your
third (or morth) viewing of this message.

What is the Perl College?

	The Perl College is a creative merger of job training and job
	fairs. Here are its primary goals:

	* Provide free top quality training to qualified
	  junior level Perl developers
	* Improve their Perl skills to the intermediate level
	* Match the new graduates with Perl jobs in the hiring companies
	* http://perlhunter.com/college.html

	The Perl College was created to address these issues in
	recruiting Perl coders:

	* A shortage of intermediate level Perl developers
	* A surplus of junior level Perl developers
	* Some are not developing Perl full time
	* Many are looking for a career developing Perl but can't get
	  needed training and experience
	* Companies lacking the resources to train Perl developers

	We are currently seeking both sponsors and students for this
	unique education/recruitment opportunity.

Hiring Sponsors: Thirty great applicants - cheap!

	Imagine how much it would cost in both time and money to find
	and train a qualified applicant for your Perl jobs. The Perl
	College dramatically improves the efficiency of this process by
	pre-screening and accepting only the most motivated
	students. Then we take it one step further. We take those
	already highly motivated students and train them up to a solid
	intermediate level of Perl skills. Efficiency, cost
	effectiveness and quality results - what could be better for
	your Perl recruitment needs?

Student Candidates: Put yourself ahead of the competition.

	If selected you will have a week of free training from Damian
	Conway (valued at $3000). Plus you will exposed to employers who
	are actively seeking intermediate level Perl developers.
	Competition to get in will be fierce so put your best foot
	forward. Don't wait to apply as we will take only the thirty
	most qualified students.

For more information on The Perl College, and how to apply to be a
sponsor or a student go to these pages:



Uri Guttman, Dean of The Perl College

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