[Melbourne-pm] Who's using Perl 5.10?

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu Jun 12 21:48:18 PDT 2008

> ps: to Scott - that's what apt-get is for. no need to have a system
> package of old perl and the new version in /usr/local. just install
> the
> latest packages. if you're running debian etch rather than lenny or
> sid, then backports.org might have 5.10 for etch. if not, download
> the
> debianised perl source for 5.10 and build your own backport.

You nailed the problem. If etch - tick. If older versions (which we are stuck on still in most places) then backports are difficult because of all the C compiled modules that have to be recompiled, including proprietary ones. 

There is two ways we run servers:

* One off - no problem, we can control the updates. This is most of the little servers and systems I run as mostly they only need 1 to 4 machines.
* Bulk - this is quite common and on % it is about 90% of the servers and they can't just be updated.


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