[Melbourne-pm] Linux.conf.au Open Day - 2nd February 2008

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu Jan 31 12:33:53 PST 2008

What I am bringing:

* 22" LCD
* Ubuntu, Keyboard, Mouse
* Embedded PC, Hardware input/output (if I get it working Saturday  

If someone could also bring a laptop, that way we have a backup.

Also, if I can find it, we used to have some posters around - but if  
anyone was willing to make up a flyer or similar that too would be  


On 08/01/2008, at 10:43 AM, leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:

> I too can help for a couple of hours. Morning or afternoon ?
> What kind of stuff do we want to do ? Flyers and stuff need to be
> organised, and we should see if we can pump someone for some prizes
> that people who come to our table can win.
> We could also run some kind of activity - mind runs wild at this
> point...
> We could do some talks, my fav would be something to dispel the  
> 'Perl is
> write-only' perception - so a short 20 minutes showing some
> exceptionally clear Perl. We could do that every couple of hours.
> On that slant, what about a modified Mythbuster's-style theme where we
> take common Perl misconceptions and bust em!! I bags being Jamie - I  
> may
> even have enough time to grow a moustache. I nominate Alfie to be  
> Adam -
> just cause I think it would be really funny to see him get blown  
> up ! We
> are going to blow stuff up, right ?
> We could run a hack-a-thon for ourselves, something to do between
> talking to attendees - if we could organise a projector to use this  
> as a
> background , it would make a great "what are they doing over there,
> where the big emacs session is ? Dunno, lets have a look"
> I dunno if Scott is free and up to dragging the big board out again.
> What about hooking up some stepper motors to the transmitter for your
> R/C helicopter - we'll use your Device::Serial and some driver  
> boards to
> write a flight control program !! Should take only a day !
> L
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>> Dear Melbourne Perl Mongers members,
>> I have yet to hear from someone in this group about hosting a
>> free community table at this year's LCA Open Day.
>>> From January 28th - February 2nd, Melbourne will host one of the
>> world's best FOSS conferences: Linux.conf.au.  On the last
>> day, Saturday February 2nd we will be running an Open Day for
>> the general public to showcase open source.  The 2007 open
>> day had a fantastic line-up of displays including:
>> 	- Virtual Reality
>> 	- Blender 3D
>> 	- One Laptop Per Child
>> 	- MythTV
>> 	- Linux Gaming
>> (for more see: http://www.linux.org.au/conf/2007/OpenDay.html)	
>> To make this day more fabulous, I would like to invite your
>> group to host a community table.  There are only two requirements:
>> 	- Open Source must be involved.
>> 	- You need to supply your own computers, flyers and people.
>> In return, we'll supply you with tables, chairs, power
>> sources, wireless (hopefully), food, drink and visitors.
>> With luck you can raise the profile of your user group (and
>> get some more members) while increasing the attendees'
>> awareness of Open Source.
>> If your group would be interested in having a stand, please
>> let me know by either responding to this email or contacting
>> openday at mel8ourne.org  If you'd like to attend or if you know
>> anyone who might like to attend please register (it's free) at:
>> 	http://linux.conf.au/programme/open-day
>> Everyone is welcome and I encourage you to bring your friends
>> and family.
>> All the best,
>> 	Jacinta
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