[Melbourne-pm] Apache2::Filter::RE

Ryan, Martin G Martin.G.Ryan at team.telstra.com
Sun Feb 10 16:47:19 PST 2008

>> Lastly, if you're definitely going to filter every page, then I hope 
>> you're using a reverse-proxy to cache the results?

> There is no need to use a reverse-proxy to cache results from Apache. 

Is that a full stop at the end of that sentence?  :-)

I presume you mean "no point using a reverse-proxy if you're thinking
that's going to save apache from having to continually re-apply the
filter." - yes?

I've seen large sites that use commercial file caches as reverse proxies
to reduce the load on apache content servers - not the load of applying
filters and whatnot - just the load of having to actually put the
content on the cable.

Is this a sane thing to do?


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