[Melbourne-pm] Apache2::Filter::RE

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Sun Feb 10 16:12:16 PST 2008

Sorry forgot to mention,

>> If performance is an issue, why not fix the problem at the source?
>> ie. Edit your HTML on-disk..
>> Failing that, I suggest using mod_rewrite or a custom 404 handler. In
>> either case, you detect that the URL looks like one that should be on
>> the other server, and redirect them over there.

Same problem - 404 does URL rewrites, not content.

>> Lastly, if you're definitely going to filter every page, then I hope
>> you're using a reverse-proxy to cache the results?

There is no need to use a reverse-proxy to cache results from Apache.  
Not only does Apache do its own caching, but you can ask it to cache  
pages after filter. Adding reverse proxy adds overhead that should not  
be necessary. Plus this is a dynamic site (like most sites these days  
on the internet) - no two requests would ever be the same :-)

One of the places a proxy fits in nicely is when Apache itself is slow  
because of what is loaded. For example, loading mod_perl can slow down  
static pages, or delivering cached pages. Also many CMS or other  
content generating systems, which produce fairly static pages (a CMS  
generally produces a static page even though it is a dynamic system)  
perform poorly (no particular reason, sometimes just because they are  
complicated) and don't take advantage of Apache caching.

The former though - just having Apache slow because of its code base  
is a good place to use a proxy.


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