[Melbourne-pm] Australia's garbage computer training offerings

Craig Sanders cas at taz.net.au
Mon Dec 29 16:53:10 PST 2008

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 03:35:46PM +1100, John Thornton wrote:
> I am both disappointed and surprised at the lack of IT offerings in
> Australia. With all due respect to the people reading this who teach
> Perl, you are not focused on people like me. Rather, your market is
> corporate where the employer pays for the training and the employee
> takes 5 days off work to do intensive Perl training. In itself that
> is not objectionable since it's a valid market. But it does zap out
> people like me.

i assume you're referring to Perl Training Australia.  Their courses
are expensive and tailored to the corporate market as you say.  They
are also, however, very very good.  They are intended for people with
programming experience who need to learn perl or improve their existing
perl skills.

Fortunately, they also cater for "people like you" (and me) too.  If
you can't afford the fees then you can download the course notes(*) for
several of their courses for free, and work through them on your own
time at your own pace.


highly recommended.

buy a copy of the Camel book ("Programming Perl" pub by O'Reilly &
Assoc.), and start with PTA's Programming Perl course ("progperl.pdf").
Follow that up with Object Oriented Perl.  Then the others as suits your
needs/interests. most of all, practice.

progperl.pdf starts from the basics of programming in a very clear and
easy to follow manner. if you can't learn perl (and generic programming
concepts) using this tutorial, then you may as well give up even trying
anything else.

(*) actually, they're more like step-by-step tutorials rather than just

> Paul Keating spoke of Australia being the clever country.  In the
> world of IT training we are the very very dumb country.

or perhaps we're the land of the whingers.


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