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John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
Mon Dec 29 01:25:15 PST 2008

               Further to my points about training, I should explain a few
more things. I am studying a Dip of graphics design: a totally computerized
Diploma focused on Adobe programs; there is no real drawing etc bar a few
thumbnail sketches. And that's fine. I couldn't draw a stick man. 


               So when I started that Dip last year I got into programming
for the first time. I have access to all the VTC tutorials as part of the
Dip. Thus I looked at them. There was Perl, Java, C, computer forensics.


              Then I got some compilers and started to enjoy ruby and
python. I am 33. I wish that I got into programming when I was 12 or 20. But
it just never happened. I never played with a Commodore set or an Atari. In
fact I left school utterly computer illiterate; I couldn't put a disk in the
disk drive. That era was a garbage era for teaching kids computers. I wish
that I had gone through the era 5 to 10 years later.  


             So where I stand now is that I would like to program for 2
reasons [1] I like it and [2] I want to complement and extend my design Dip.
At one pt I thought that Java might do this by being a language that does 3D
graphics programming. Then I thought of Perl or PHP as web programming


              I have no real prejudices against any programming language. I
have always used a Windows OS.   


             Since people don't mind me saying the school for the OOP course
is the O'Reilly School of Technology.  


           Will I come back to Perl? It's possible. Have to think about it.



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