[Melbourne-pm] December Meeting?

Ben Balbo ben at benbalbo.com
Sun Dec 7 16:15:58 PST 2008

> One option for that is to join up with the next Sub Standards meeting
> which is also on the 10th.  But the venue for that is still TBB.

I was going to suggest that. If anyone has any recommendations for
location, please feel free to let me know directly, or join the Pub
Standards Melbourne mailing list[1] and join the banter.

Note the rules of Sub Standards dictate we can never go back to the same
pub twice, so if it's listed under *Been* on this page:

> http://pubstandards.org/asia_pacific/australia/melbourne

then it's no longer an option ;-)


[1] Email melbourne-join at pubstandards.org or visit

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