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Gary Monson gary.monson at rea-group.com
Wed Aug 27 22:29:12 PDT 2008

Thanks Dave

Does order of installation refer to order it is declared in the httpd.conf (or .htaccess) file, or is it based on the directory that the rule applies to (i.e. according to specificity).  I'm guessing the former, but I've gotten access to change my httpd.conf, and putting the LDAP stuff first (i.e. earlier installation?) in the conf file does not help.

Everything works beautifully when that LDAP auth stuff is not there.  If all else fails, I'm thinking of altering the LDAP auth to apply only to a subdirectory (not overlapping with the one I am working on setting up auth for), because strictly speaking, that is probably all that it is really required for.



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Okay, it's been a long time since i've done any apache module 
programming, but my copy of the Eagle book says that when you have 
stacked handlers for the same phase (in this case the authentication 
phase, the first handler to respond with OK or AUTH_REQUIRED causes all 
the other handlers to be skipped, otherwise, the handler can return 
DECLINED to allow the next handler to check the request.  However, the 
server will call the handlers in reverse order of installation.  
Hopefully this helps.

Best of luck

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