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John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
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That is an interesting pt.

I am primarily trying to learn php and/or perl as part of my studies as a
graphics student. The broad intent is to be able to combine dreamweaver with
formatting websites. Apache, mysql etc only came into the learning process
because the VTC tutorials use apache in their examples. 

The tutor in the VTC sections on Perl and php recommends that I do all of
this on my PC. I have no idea if that is good advice but being a beginner I
followed it. 

So there is absolutely no reason why I couldn't get a cheap web host and do
it that way of it's easier. Even a free webhost wouldn't worry me. Ads, a
lack of customer service, no reliability etc - all the banes of free
webhosting - don't matter to me for this is a student activity for my own
benefit; it's not an exercise of setting up any website for a business etc. 

I agree with you that this seems to be doing it the hard way. I have no
qualifications or experience in setting up apache etc. Using an external
host/server could be easier. I have never had one so I have idea which 1 to
get. Any suggestions? :)

Thanks again

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is it necessary to work on your own pc? cos if not, you really are
going about this the hard way. if you don't have an environment at
work, how about a cheap web host? you'd have your hello world script
up and running in a few seconds most likely with the help of docs
telling you exactly how to get your cgis working.

if learning Perl ( as opposed to apache config and how to configure a
pc to run Perl locally ) is your priority, that's what i would


On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 5:15 PM, John Thornton
<jdthornton at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
>       Hello
>            Haven't tried the solns yet. But one thing that seems to have
> escaped everyone's attention is that perl seems to have a weird status on
> system.
>            Before I installed XAMPP I had activeperl, apache 2.2.8, msoft
> sql express 2005 and php all installed on my pc. I uninstalled the php and
> apache before I in stalled XAMPP. But I couldn't uninstall the activeperl;
> couldn't see any uninstall method. Activeperl did not appear in admin
> p[rograms and under all programs there was no uninstall offered.
>           Now, having installed XAMPP there appears to be no PERL on the
> one hand - perl does not appear under XAMPP in the device manager list or
> the error message spiels [error 500 etc at the bottom .] On the other hand
> Perl IS on my PC in other ways; it is there in the XAMPP explore box with
> folders and executable and the perltest CGI entries work in the browser to
> say "miniperl is ready" and "ok".
>           So when I get time I will test my "is there/isn't there" Perl
> with the suggestions offered.
>            John
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