[Melbourne-pm] apache and perl and

John Thornton jdthornton at ozemail.com.au
Fri Aug 22 00:15:15 PDT 2008

            Haven't tried the solns yet. But one thing that seems to have
escaped everyone's attention is that perl seems to have a weird status on my

            Before I installed XAMPP I had activeperl, apache 2.2.8, msoft
sql express 2005 and php all installed on my pc. I uninstalled the php and
apache before I in stalled XAMPP. But I couldn't uninstall the activeperl; I
couldn't see any uninstall method. Activeperl did not appear in admin
p[rograms and under all programs there was no uninstall offered.

           Now, having installed XAMPP there appears to be no PERL on the
one hand - perl does not appear under XAMPP in the device manager list or in
the error message spiels [error 500 etc at the bottom .] On the other hand
Perl IS on my PC in other ways; it is there in the XAMPP explore box with
folders and executable and the perltest CGI entries work in the browser to
say "miniperl is ready" and "ok".

           So when I get time I will test my "is there/isn't there" Perl
with the suggestions offered.


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