[Melbourne-pm] Floating an idea for 'summer switch camp'

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Sat Oct 20 03:33:32 PDT 2007

Alec Clews wrote:

> A) A shorter introductory course (5 days?) that gets them up and running.

 > At this point they take on a trainee programming type role and tasks 
for a few weeks

> B) A follow up mentoring and part time study curriculum 

 > some employer specific tracks (e.g. Template programming with Mason)

Ooh, I really like this option, though it makes it hard for a 'head 
hunting' exercise to steal java programmers which was my initial goal. 
It would be ideal for return-to-work or recent graduates though.

> * Would there be any interest (or money available) in offering bursaries to
> recent graduates or unemployed programmers (e.g. home makers wanting to
> return to the workforce)? These folks are less likely to be able to self
> sponsor or attract a working sponsorship.

I imagine we might be able to find a couple of 'summer of code' 
opportunities for them .. maybe.

> * Is this something that we get an external organisation to deliver or does
> PM roll their own material and delivery? Apart from Perl Training Australia
> are there any other organisations we could approach?

My initial thought was to use PTA as a training resource (writing the 
material, branding) but supplementing them with some other faces, 
especially if the numbers are there. That way we can break it up into 
smaller classes or 'team teach' as a whole.

I'd also like to see one or more 'perl luminaries' there .. Damian, 
Randal or Larry

Thanks Alec!

Rick Measham
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