[Melbourne-pm] Floating an idea for 'summer switch camp'

Rick Measham rick at measham.id.au
Sat Oct 20 03:24:34 PDT 2007

Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> I agree.  From my experience, 5 days should be fine to teach an existing
> programmer the basics of Perl (syntax, regular expressions, file I/O, references
> and complex data structures, system commands, packages & modules etc).

Ahh, excellent feedback. Thanks Jacinta and Alec.

> This is assuming the person can give you their full attention, and isn't being
> called up by work or required to keep up to date with email all the time.

My goal is to poach the good developers from other worlds or steer new 
graduates towards perl. Their boss wouldn't necessarily know they 
weren't soaking up the sun in Queensland :-D

> With respect to converting existing programmers; I have to ask where will you
> find them?  As far as I can see, in the job market there isn't so much a lack of
> good _Perl_ programmers as a lack of good programmers. 

Absolutely, but right now, we're limited to head hunting each others' 
developers. The aim here is to head hunt the good developers stuck in 
.NET world! (nevermind the oxymoron)

Thanks Jacinta and Alec!

Rick Measham
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