[Melbourne-pm] Web provider for Catalyst applications

Josh Heumann melbourne.pm at joshheumann.com
Tue Jul 17 06:13:02 PDT 2007

<quote who='Adam Clarke' when='Tue, Jul 17, 2007 at 10:25:29PM +1000'>
> http://rimuhosting.com/

I guess that means I *can* recommend one after all.  I've been using
Rimu for several years now, and I'm liking it enough.  The folks who man
the IM help desk aren't terribly clever, but the package I've got with a
friend (we're on the Denver server, I believe) gives us root as well as
any distro we want. I've even installed both Catalyst and Jifty on it.

Jacinta, I'd be happy to answer any other questions if they sound like
they might be a good fit for your client.


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