[Melbourne-pm] Meeting 14th February 2007 [Talks wanted]

blm at woodheap.org blm at woodheap.org
Mon Feb 5 16:07:08 PST 2007

G'day everyone,                                                                                                     
You and all of your friends, family and other interested people are invited to                                      
our meeting next week.                                                                                              
        Date:           Wednesday 14th February 2007
        Time:           6:30pm                                                                                      
        Location:       Editure
			(Usual place)                                                                               
                        Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne                                               
Talks are currently being sought.  If you have a talk that you would like                                         
to give please do not hesitate to email me.  


Ben Marsh
Melbourne Perl Mongers

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