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Thu Apr 12 23:36:38 PDT 2007


In my experience the best bet is WxPerl for Windows, Linux and Mac.  I have
tried different more native gui options on windows with very mixed results
(inexplicable windows equiv of segfaults).  It is stronly object oreintation
and there are many many examples either in the distro for WxPerl or on the
website.  C++ code that uses WxPerl can be relatively easily translated to
Perl and there is great documentation on the Wx widgets library.

On the down side it can be hard to compile WxPerl against the C++ libraries 
on the various platforms.  Since
you are using windows and maybe activePerl check for a ppm distribution.

Also, there are subtle becaviour variations cross platform.  The Mac version
needs a specially compiled perl binary so that it can create windows. On
windows you can use the wperl.exe to run the Wx based application without
opening a console window as well.

Maybe I need to write a talk ;-)

Ben Marsh 

* Deborah Pickett (debbiep-list-melbpm at futzle.com) wrote:
> I'm old school and remember about PerlTk.  But I sense that it has been
> eclipsed, or not, by some other GUI toolkit.  What's the preferred option
> these days?
> I am targeting Windows sans cygwin, if that makes a difference.
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