[Melbourne-pm] GUI toolkit du jour

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Thu Apr 12 22:57:48 PDT 2007

G'day Debbie,

Deborah Pickett wrote:
> I'm old school and remember about PerlTk.  But I sense that it has been
> eclipsed, or not, by some other GUI toolkit.  What's the preferred option
> these days?
> I am targeting Windows sans cygwin, if that makes a difference.

For design tools there are:

	GUI Loft (Win32 only) - http://user.bahnhof.se/~johanl/perl/Loft/

	Glade-Perl (Gtk+ only) - http://www.glade-perl.connectfree.co.uk/

If you're just looking for a GUI toolkit (without the design tools) then
wxWidgets is gaining a lot of popularity:

	http://wxperl.sourceforge.net/		(Perl side)

	http://www.wxwidgets.org/		(wxWidgets homepage)

wx may also have a few GUI design tools, but I haven't checked.



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