[Melbourne-pm] Perl crypto code

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Sun Oct 1 16:58:22 PDT 2006

On 29/09/2006, at 23:46, Shlomi Fish wrote:

> Actually, that's not what I meant. Module-Starter can generate
> ExtUtils::MakeMaker-based distros with a Makefile.PL. However, the  
> code that
> it puts inside the module is more modern and may only work on a  
> modern perl.
> With h2xs, on the other hand, one can specify the version of perl  
> that the
> skeleton will be able to run on.

Right. Hmm... I wonder if this is something we can test with a de- 
parser, formatter or something like TidyView.

So we can say - check for Perl XYZ compatibility.

 From a manual point of view about the only thing I can think of is  
things like attributes (not normally added by Module-Starter) and  
'use version' - which is I think dependent on 5.8+


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