[Melbourne-pm] asking your server for hardware details

David Dick ddick at aapt.net.au
Thu Nov 2 11:32:09 PST 2006

Geoff Crompton wrote:
> Hi,
> Do people know of any handy CPAN modules that help in working out
> hardware details, for systems programming?
> I'm writing a script that will answer the following sort of questions,
> to build up a catalog of information about our servers:
>  * how many hard drives does it have (non raid)
>  * does it have a raid controller
>  * how many hard drives are on the raid controller does it have
>  * how many optical drives, and what sorts
>  * how many floppy disk drives
> We run Debian and windows, so something that is cross platform is better.
> I've already found Sys::CPU, Sys::Hostname::FQDN. And I've found some
> modules that do network stuff, but they didn't give me what I needed, so
> I rolled my own, parsing ifconfig output.
> Perhaps someone has a more general answer? My goal is a YAML output
> hash, so I can integrate it with other stuff.
Hi Geoff,

You might stand a good chance of getting that sort of information from 
windows via the WMI interface.
Dave Roth has some examples such as 
With linux you might be able to get results from /proc, but i wouldn't 
expect you would be able to use it
on bsd type machines (where /proc is usually unmounted) so unfortunately 
parsing ifconfig is probably the
"best" solution.

Best of luck

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