[Melbourne-pm] asking your server for hardware details

Geoff Crompton geoff.crompton at strategicdata.com.au
Wed Nov 1 22:07:45 PST 2006


Do people know of any handy CPAN modules that help in working out
hardware details, for systems programming?

I'm writing a script that will answer the following sort of questions,
to build up a catalog of information about our servers:

 * how many hard drives does it have (non raid)
 * does it have a raid controller
 * how many hard drives are on the raid controller does it have
 * how many optical drives, and what sorts
 * how many floppy disk drives

We run Debian and windows, so something that is cross platform is better.

I've already found Sys::CPU, Sys::Hostname::FQDN. And I've found some
modules that do network stuff, but they didn't give me what I needed, so
I rolled my own, parsing ifconfig output.

Perhaps someone has a more general answer? My goal is a YAML output
hash, so I can integrate it with other stuff.

Geoff Crompton
Debian System Administrator
Strategic Data
+61 3 9340 9000

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