[Melbourne-pm] Class::Std vs Object::InsideOut

Gerard . gerardaus at gmail.com
Thu May 4 10:47:19 PDT 2006

Hey Scott,

I myself haven't used both of these extensively, but here are some points
made from a perl developer on the perl devel list here at work, who prefers

- thread safety
- accessor naming
- storing the ID of the scalar in the scalar (performance savings)
- couple of tricky things though, you can inherit from non-InsideOut
cclasses, but that's done by storing a reference to the parent object(s),
which means you can't inherit from method-only ( i.e. mix-in) classes.  Easy
to work around, just suprising.

Hope that helps a little..


On 5/4/06, Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> wrote:
> Hey Guys
> anyone had experience in the above two modules.
> I absolutely love the whole structure and style of Class::Std. But it
> is not thread safe.
> Object::InsideOut on the other hand is no where near as neat and
> obvious in construction but completely thread safe and faster !
> Before I jump from one ship to another (because forking, mod_perl and
> other things incompatible with Class::Std are essential items) if
> anyone has any opinion.
> I have of course scoured the internet, but it is also very useful to
> ask all you dudes too :-)
> Scott
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