[Melbourne-pm] Wierd CGI Error - different displays for different executers

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Mar 22 19:32:13 PST 2006

Sam Brent wrote:
> Has anyone ever had a CGI script that creates the right output when
> run in a terminal but the incorrect ouput when run in a browser?
> With a script I'm running, all the hard coded prints are carrying
> through fine, i.e:
> print header, start_html() etc. etc.
> but prints that actually use perl to get their parameters like reading
> from a file then printing the output go nowhere.
> Any thoughts?

Unfortunately you're not really giving enough information for me to
properly understand what symptoms you're seeing.  If you can show us the
code for some of these weird prints, I might have a better idea.

The common problems for differences between CGI scripts run on the
command line vs those run via a web server are permissions.  If you're
trying to read from a file and print that data, you should check that
the open succeeded.  The web server may not have the same user id as

All the best,


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