[Melbourne-pm] Wierd CGI Error - different displays for different executers

matt matt at secondaryfusion.net
Wed Mar 22 17:08:46 PST 2006

need more information! an example of the prints that are failing would
be nice. typically when scripts run from the terminal but not in
browser it's usually permissions-related: is your CGI script failing
to read a file because the user (nobody|www-data|apache) doesn't have
permission to read it? try putting an 'or die' after all of your
opens, and then "use CGI::Carp qw(fatalsToBrowser);", that will give
you an answer pretty quickly :)

On 3/23/06, Sam Brent <sambrent at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone ever had a CGI script that creates the right output when
> run in a terminal but the incorrect ouput when run in a browser?
> With a script I'm running, all the hard coded prints are carrying
> through fine, i.e:
> print header, start_html() etc. etc.
> but prints that actually use perl to get their parameters like reading
> from a file then printing the output go nowhere.
> Any thoughts?
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