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Ben Marsh blm at woodheap.org
Wed Mar 15 01:33:51 PST 2006

* Mathew Robertson (mathew.robertson at netratings.com.au) wrote:
> >>Just thought of yet another better way of explainig it.
> >>
> >>In Debian - which is a package management system like CPAN, your package 
> >>depends on another package, maybe with a minimum version number, but as a 
> >>package name.
> >>
> >>You can write your own packages, download them manually, and manually 
> >>install them - but there is no way for the package management system to 
> >>do that - it is always going to install a package by its identifier - in 
> >>this case name.
> >>
> >>To get around this a special release of a package will often be required 
> >>- eg: with some special patches, maybe a newer version, maybe just 
> >>because it had to be built differently (eg: with different threading 
> >>model).
> >>
> >>In every case - it is given a new name.
> >>
> >>Scott
> >>    
> >
> >Unless you organise your own repository. In which case, anyone that
> >wants to use it must configure their system to use your repository. (And
> >some other stuff about version numbers and pinning)
> >
> >I guess the CPAN parallel is that you have to run your own CPAN if you
> >wish to keep the same name.
> >  
> Thank-you Geoff,  this is exactly what I was looking for.
> You wouldn't happen to know how to setup a local CPAN mirror?
> Note that I only need to inject some specific packages, so it would be 
> nice to not have to sync every other package which is available from a 
> normal CPAN mirror.

How much of a mirror are you talking?  I have my own MINICPAN mirror set
up at home that I point my CPAN.pm configurations to.  It is not a full
mirror of CPAN. Just the most recent versions of modules (AFAICT)

I presume you could add packages to it provided you also update 


01mailrc.txt.gz contains authors

modules go in directories like


if your alias in 01mailrc.txt.gz is ABCDE

Creation of MINICPAN is done with Randall Schwartz's minicpan.pl
published in one of his columns 


There is also a CPAN script and module that does similar 


How this info helps,

Ben Marsh

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