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Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Wed Mar 15 01:27:15 PST 2006

Thank-you Geoff,  this is exactly what I was looking for.
> You wouldn't happen to know how to setup a local CPAN mirror?
> Note that I only need to inject some specific packages, so it would  
> be nice to not have to sync every other package which is available  
> from a normal CPAN mirror.

OK you can do this by CPAN modules.

But remember - you will STILL need to have special versions or names  
(just like you do in Debian) - all package systems try and install  
the newest version, so you will have to choose a version number that  
is always greater than the CPAN version.

All you have to do is set 'urllist' to two URLs, where yours is  
probably first. This is common when you want to install from CDRom  
and remotely.

This is well documented in "perldoc CPAN"

You can do it interactively by typing:
	"conf urllist push file://localhost/CDROM/CPAN"

Alternatively you can use CPAN::Mini - to create a minimal mirror of  

CPAN::Site - is almost exactly what you want - although I am not sure  
if it has not already been replaced by bits of CPAN generally.
	"This module virtually adds site specific modules to CPAN. The  
general idea is to have a local (pseudo) CPAN server which is asked  

More info on all of the above is on CPAN (The archive, not the  
module) :-)

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