[Melbourne-pm] Melbourne Perl Mongers Meeting 9 August 2005

blm at woodheap.org blm at woodheap.org
Tue Jul 25 22:33:47 PDT 2006

Hello all,

In August it is Melbourne PHP group's turn to host the OSDC Club meeting on
2 August.  Consequently there is a Melbourne Perl Monger meeting scheduled
for 9 August 2005.

I would love to schedule some talks for this meeting.  As I understand it,
Simon Taylor may talk to us about OSCON.  Since OSDC Conference is
approaching this represents an opportunity for people to practise and further
refine talks that have been submitted to OSDC.

So if you want to give a talk to the group on Wednesday 9 August
let us know.


Ben Marsh
Melbourne Perl Mongers.

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