[Melbourne-pm] Perl T-Shirts

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Sat Jul 8 20:31:50 PDT 2006

--- Scott Penrose wrote:
> In case you are interested in getting an order together for T-Shirts
> http://omaha.pm.org/shirts.shtml

As described here:


O'Reilly have a trademark on the use of a camel in association with
Perl. To comply, the T-shirt (and the web page advertising it) must
at least contain something like:

 The use of a camel image in association with the Perl language
 is a trademark of O'Reilly Media Inc. Used with permission.

Avoiding this copyright business is one reason why Portland Perl Mongers
chose a design without a camel for their 2006 T-shirts:



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