[Melbourne-pm] Apache Cache

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Mon Jul 3 20:39:24 PDT 2006

> why not use squid? I believe it does the memory -> disk -> original  
> thing.
> or a CDN like akamai/Coral
> also are you sure that serving the images out of memory is faster  
> than using sendfile and local disk? (or using a thin webserver to  
> serve them instead of involving mod-perl at all)

I am speaking purely generically. i.e. We need a cache api for Apache  
(or is there one already?) so that you don't have to care about any  
of the above - as such - So tomorrow when I do a bit of code that  
caches database requests, and the next which rewrites HTML::Mason  
cache, and today when I do Thumnail - they are all the same cache.

However your idea about squid is similar to the use of mod_cache in  
Apache. I have considered that, mod_cache does memory or file caching  
based on URI - which you just plug in front - excellent - but I have  
to yet confirm if it supports the ability to wipe a cache entry (I am  
assuming it has the ability to get headers and do it that way).

The nice things about something like mod_cache is that you just  
enable it infront of anything in Apache - although if it is as simple  
as that, why is anyone doing any other caching?


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