[Melbourne-pm] Apache Cache

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Mon Jul 3 19:18:22 PDT 2006

Hey Dudes

I need to cache some thumbnails in a mod perl Apache module.

The way that most systems seem to do it on CPAN is to use a "."  
directory in the same location, or some other top root directory via  

However it occurs to me with Cache::Cache, and other cache systems -  
and things like Apache::Cache, and lots of cache abilities built into  
top level apache etc etc - that there might be a better way.

Unfortunately Apache::Cache is a shared memory cache for memory  
between calls - which is not really much help for thumbnails (too  
much data). I could just do a directory cache, but then if someone  
wanted to move to Memcached (for example) that might make it harder.

Anyone any experience in this?

Ta dudes

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