[Melbourne-pm] Wikification of melbourne.pm.org?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jan 10 00:09:46 PST 2006

Ben Marsh wrote:

> What is YACMaS?

Yet another content management system.  We used to have a dynamic site until
pm.org got hacked one too many times and they decided to host static web pages only.

> Granted I am only new here but I like the idea of a seperate site.
> Doesnt it look better for Melbourne Perl Mongers to have their own site?

I really can't imagine it looking bad for Melbourne.pm.org to redirect to
anywhere else, but that might just be me.

> Admittedly the current Melbourne.pm.org maintainer seems very busy on
> other things.  I actually had the crazy thought that I might help
> with/do the melbourne.pm.org web page.  I do envisage that such a website requires
> information to be donated from lots of people.  But then so does a wiki.

Scott, Paul and I are the Melbourne.pm.org maintainers.  I wrote the current
content mid last year after I got sick of no content at all (due to the pm.org
issues).  I'd be *delighted* to add more content if anyone wants to volunteer
any.  I'd even be willing to write further content on various topics if anyone
indicates that they *want* it.

Of course one of the big joys of having a wiki is that I don't have to be
involved, you can all just add content as you go.  You'll see that I've been
keeping a meeting history.  Feel free to add to it.

> Me too. :-)  If everyone thinks that the best way for that is the
> redirect to the Melbourne_Perl_Mongers page then so be it.  But I like
> the idea of a separate web site more.

Realising that we'd keep the Melbourne.pm.org domain, and it would just redirect
(possibly after doing something cute in the same way that http://sydney.pm.org
	* why do you like the idea of a separate website more?
	* what would you like to appear on that separate website?

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