[Melbourne-pm] Talks for the meeting this week

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Mon Aug 7 02:28:05 PDT 2006

You and all of your friends, family and other interested people are invited to  
our meeting next week. 

        Date:           Wednesday 9th August                                    
        Time:           6:30pm                                                  
        Location:       (Usual place)                                           
                        Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne  

We have two talks scheduled for this meeting:

Tidyview: An Update
Speaker: Leif Eriksen

Tidyview is a small GUI application, useful for evaluating the combined effect 
of the plethora of options provided by the perl prettt-printer, perltidy.       
Tidyview is also an open source project hosted on sourceforge, and will soon to 
have package released on CPAN, after a brief alpha-cycle.

Leif will give us a demo of the current version and share some of his experiences 
launching it as an open source project

Perl for System Administration
Speaker: Paul Fenwick

Perl has a long history in system administration, and even the most     
basic Perl install comes with a powerful and flexible set of useful     
tools.  In this talk Paul will discuss a number of Perl modules which   
make System Administration much easier! 

If you have a talk topic you'd like to give - for this meeting or for one in the
future - please send it through to the list.  We're always interested in more   
talks.  It could be a good opurtunity to practise for the talks you have 
submitted for the  OSDC Conference.

If you know someone who might be interested in this meeting's talks, bring them 
along.  In fact, try to bring someone else along anyway, the more the merrier!  
Your friends, family and work colleagues are all invited!  Attendance is free.       
Next Meeting                                                                    
The next Perl Monger meeting will be on Wednesday, the 13th September. 

All the best,

Ben Marsh
Melbourne Perl Mongers

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