[Melbourne-pm] Image Manipulation

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Fri Apr 28 17:26:24 PDT 2006

Yes I am interested :-)

Better than starting all again.

Should it be in Image:: though?

And of course, maybe I can help


On 29/04/2006, at 7:41, Rick Measham wrote:

> Scott Penrose wrote:
>> 3) Write an external wrapper - yet another abstraction, just for  
>> the most basic of functions - height, width, resize, rotate...  
>> Really the same as 2 but make it more usable outside. A little  
>> harder to write, new tests, module space etc.
>> My current thoughts is leaning in on 2.
>> 3 worries me a little for two reasons: It is an unnecessary  
>> abstraction - using the Simple driver of Gallery you can already  
>> achieve what you would otherwise with 3, so just use Gallery (this  
>> is a sort of); where would it go, it seems that people writing  
>> modules such as "Image::Resize" have this sort of in mind, but  
>> have limited to one function, and one backend.
> G'day Scott,
> I started working on (3) a couple of years ago and stopped when my  
> interest waned. If you want to go that way, then I'm happy to pick  
> it up again and release it.
> I think I called it Graphics::Abstract.. it had no requirements of  
> its own, however you could then install  
> Graphics::Abstract::ImageMagick or Graphics::Abstract::GD (or ...)  
> which would each have a dependency on their given CPAN Module.
> Internally we check if the ImageMagick plugin is installed as it's  
> the most feature-filled plugin, then degrade slowly. (Latter  
> thoughts include writing to Graphics::Abstract::Config in the make  
> process each time a plugin is installed, which would mean we don't  
> have to keep trying to load stuff :) )
> Of course, each of these plugins has fewer features than others and  
> so you'd need to be checking for error messages. This makes  
> manipulation chaining difficult, though it will be possible:
>    $gfx->rotate(90)->flip->resize(800,600);
>    print $gfx->errmsg();
>    # The GD library does not support flip(). Please consider  
> installing Graphics::Abstract::ImageMagick
> Anyway, if you're interested, I'll pick it back up again :)
> Cheers!
> Rick Measham

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