[Melbourne-pm] Free mod_perl 2 talk and meeting with Stas

Stas Bekman stas at stason.org
Wed May 11 22:06:30 PDT 2005

Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> G'day everyone,
> We had to chance our mod_perl courses in Melbourne due to a lack of numbers.  :( 
> However, as far as I'm aware, Stas is still intending to come to Melbourne and 
> will still present at Melbourne Perl Mongers.  He is planning a 2-3 hour 
> tutorial on all things mod_perl 2 at our June Meeting 8th June 2005.
> Stas is happy to do this for free, however we could also get together pay him a 
> small gratuity to at least help with the costs of coming all the way from 
> Canada.  Alternately we could shout him dinner and a few drinks afterwards (if 
> the kitchen is still open).

Thanks for your kind thoughts and suggestions, Jacinta and Scott. But this 
was planned to be a free talk, so thank you, but I won't accept any money :)

The fact that the tutorials that were supposed to pay some of my travel 
expenses didn't come through doesn't discourage me. I'll be giving some 
15+ various mod_perl talks this summer (mostly free), so it's not like I 
won't have any other opportunity to improve my presentation skills :)

> Make sure you tell your friends and work mates, as Stas is an excellent speaker 
> and you probably won't get a better deal on learning things about mod_perl 2.

> Should your work place be interested in hiring Stas for some mod_perl consulting 
> let him know and I'm sure he'd be happy to help.  He has a business visa for 
> this visit so you shouldn't have any problems in that regard.

That could work :)

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