[Melbourne-pm] Free mod_perl 2 talk and meeting with Stas

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed May 11 16:12:08 PDT 2005

Scott Penrose wrote:
> I am personally very keen on this talk, and although it is probably  not 
> legal/tax deducatable, I am willing to pay a good lump of money  to Stas 
> on the night.

As Stas has a business visa it should be both legal and tax deductable to pay to 
attend the session.  All Stas needs to do is provide you with a receipt for the 
payment.  You should be able to treat this receipt just like you would any 
receipt/invoice you got from any other Australian entity for a conference, 
business event or similar.

Of course if you don't ask for a receipt then you can't claim it, but being the 
honest person he is, Stas will still have to tell the ATO at the end of this 
financial year how much he received.

Unless something really strange happens, it'll probably be under $6000 so he 
won't actually have to pay tax on it.

> If people feel uncofortable with knowing the amounts or paying at  all, 
> I suggest we put some envelopes at the door and allow people to  make 
> anonymous donations to Stas on the night

Sounds sensible.  Alternately people can put their donation in with their postal 
details and I'll be happy to organise receipts going out to them.  This means 
that they don't tell *everyone* what they're donating, but they still get the 
tax benefits.

 > - hopefully it will encourage Stas to come back  next
> time - and for people to sign up for the excellent talks that  was 
> planned by Perl Training Austarlia (I am disapointed that they  won't be 
> on - so everyone - come and at least help Stas on the night).

We're disappointed too.


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