[Melbourne-pm] Fwd: Service Announcement - Perl Documentation approved for ThoutReader format on Perl.com

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Sun Jul 31 18:02:03 PDT 2005


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> From: customerservice at osoft.com
> Date: 27 July 2005 4:48:39 GMT+10:00
> To: scottp at dd.com.au
> Subject: Service Announcement  -  Perl Documentation approved for  
> ThoutReader format on Perl.com
> Dear Perl Monger,
> We wanted to let you know that the official Perl documentation is now
> available from perl.com (http://www.perl.com/pub/q/documentation)  
> in the
> ThoutReader format.
> The ThoutReader is an open source documentation platform that  
> allows you to
> organize, search, bookmark, append (public & private notes), and  
> print your
> favorite library of reference documentation and code as well as  
> reference
> books - from one program, in one format, at the same time - even  
> off-line
> and on the go.
> The Perl package in the ThoutReader format includes ALL of the core
> documentation modules found at http://www.perl.com/pub/q/ 
> documentation in
> ONE searchable package. It also supports the use of public notes.
> You can check this format out from either www.perl.com or  
> www.osoft.com. It
> is absolutely free. Documentation and other resources in the  
> ThoutReader
> format are also available for Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, BSD,  
> Python, Samba,
> and many others.
> Thank you for supporting our open source project. Please pass this  
> message
> on to other members of your Monger group.
> OSoft Development Team
> www.osoft.com
> Note: This is a one time service announcement concerning the  
> availability of
> Perl documentation in the ThoutReader format. It will not be  
> repeated. Any
> further announcements will be made through community websites and  
> industry
> meetings. Thank you for supporting our open source project.

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