[Melbourne-pm] Job: Perl developer/web application programmer

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Sun Jul 24 19:24:26 PDT 2005

As you no doubt saw on jobs.perl.org (http://jobs.perl.org/job/1760),
Monash is looking for perl developers experienced in building
perl-based web applications in a team environment.

If you are interested in this role (Perl/HTML::Mason, Linux/Solaris,
SQL (Oracle 10i), SAP, Voyager, TeamSite, WebCT Vista, LDAP, ecommerce,
project management, interpersonal skills and more! :-) please see the
job description at http://sssd.adm.monash.edu.au/employ/job.asp?refnumber=G056040 and apply to Kate.Wrathall at its.monash.edu

Officially applications closed on Friday 22nd July, but if you send
Kate an expression of interest *TODAY*, we'll wait until Wednesday for
your application.

thanks :-)
Nathan Bailey                        * Email: Nathan.Bailey at its.monash.edu
Manager, Flexible Learning and Teaching Program, Application Services,
Information Technology Services      * Phone: +61 3 990 54741
Monash University 3800     Australia * Fax: +61 3 990 53024

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