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On 18/01/2005, at 3:52 PM, Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> G'day everyone,
> Happy New Year!  I hope you're all had a great holiday break and are 
> refreshed and ready for the next year of conference organising.  ;)
> It seems like Melbourne PM's website has vanished.

Yes - see emails regarding this from last year.

> http://melbourne.pm.org/ returns a Forbidden message.  Are the pm.org 
> servers playing up again?

Yes but they will no longer provide any dynamic content - thus ours is 
But... I took a full copy first (go recursive web gets).

> If the site is being rebuilt... which I vaguely remember being 
> mentioned some time ago


> , but can't find in my email, would it be possible to stick up a 
> temporary page saying something like:

I will try, have not had time yet :-)

>    Hi!  We're redoing our site right now.  How about you join our
>    mailing list over at:
>    http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/melbourne-pm
>    Our next meeting will be on:
>    Wednesday 9th February 2005 at 6:30pm.
>    Location: Level 8
>              myinternet house
>              Blackwood St
>              North Melbourne
> I realise I might have just picked the very moment that the site went 
> down, but I regularly direct people to the Melbourne PM website and 
> I'd prefer them to see something more useful than a forbidden message.

No it has been down almost a week now damn it. I hope to get something 
going soon.

BTW. did you (or anyone else) get my mail from last week asking what 
software is a good choice for the site ?

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