[Melbourne-pm] Visiting Australia

Robert Spier rspier at pobox.com
Sun Feb 20 10:57:10 PST 2005

Dear Melbourne-pm,

   I might[1] be visiting your beautiful city next month[2], and thought
   I'd drop you a line as part of the "Perl Mongers Exchange Program
   (International Division)".  My home location is Los Angeles, where
   I try and keep LA.PM running, in between keeping perl.org running,
   and my day job programming and managing a team of programmers.

   I'd love to meet you for dinner, and would be happy to give a
   technical talk on something or other[3], schedule permitting

   (I'm also soliciting advice for "things to see/do" and "moderately
   priced hotels in good locations" to stay at.)


[1]  I'm still fleshing out my itinerary.  Right now only Sydney is
locked down.

[2]  http://www.bestpractical.com/services/training.html is the
catalyst for my trip.  Although really, it's just a great excuse to
take a vacation down under.  And now for the cheap plug - there are
still a few seats available, so if you're interested in attending,
drop the email address on the page a note.

[3] I don't have the list prepared at the moment, but I do have a
interesting selection to choose from.

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