[Melbourne-pm] Printing Problem

Jim Kat jkatanos at yahoo.com.au
Wed Feb 16 20:26:02 PST 2005

Hi Y'all

Is anybody currently using a2ps to print PDF files on
Unix ??

I've created a PDF file with
use PDF::Create;
Convert to a Postscript file and print using
Ghostscript however it prints in the bottom right
corner with a 2 inch top & left margin on a HP690C
/usr/local/bin/pdftops $file.pdf - | lp -d hp69 -ops

Tried a2ps 
/usr/local/bin/a2ps -P hp69 /tmp/quote11045.pdf
& get this error

cat: cannot open /tmp/a2_AAAa000So: No such file or
directory (error 2)
[/tmp/quote11045.pdf (pdf, delegated to pdf2ps): 1
page on 1 sheet]
request id is hp69-1443 (standard input)
[Total: 0 pages on 0 sheets] sent to the printer

Thanks in advance

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