[Melbourne-pm] Perl garbage collection behaviour

Sisyphus sisyphus1 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Aug 25 06:26:23 PDT 2005

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From: "Daniel Pittman"
> > Are you aware that, for us MS Outlook Express users, such PGP-encrypted
> > emails turn up as empty emails with attachments ?
> Here is a nickle, kid.  Buy yourself a real email client.

Why spend a nickle ? If I wait long enough I'm sure Mr. Gaites will give me
such a beast ... and for less than a grand, too !!!!

In all seriousness, I'm not a kid (but it's spiffingly great that you
thought I was ... or *pretended* to think that I was :-) .... and I know
damn well that *real* email clients are available for much less than a
nickle :-)


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