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Sun May 9 21:50:29 CDT 2004

On 10/05/2004, at 7:49 AM, Scott Penrose wrote:
> Can you please send to the perl mongers list the PDF link again for 
> the association forming for people to read.

So, repeating what I said a few months back:

On 17/02/2004, at 10:49 PM, Tony Smith wrote:
> Scott, I picked up a couple of copies of the Application for 
> Association Incorporation form which has been significantly simplified 
> since last time I saw one.
> They even have a half rate fee if you adopt their model rules with no 
> significant customisation.
> The Model Rules are provided as an appendix to the regulations:
> starting at page 36 of that PDF.
> The only thing they allow you to change is your end of financial year 
> date.
> You also need to set and tell them a joining fee and an annual fee, 
> and, most importantly, provide your "statement of purposes" which in 
> our case should be straightforward, something like:
> "To facilitate professional development activities for the Perl 
> software development community in and around Melbourne."
> I reckon they could allow a bit more customisation without breaking 
> the spirit of the model rules, especially allowing some increase in 
> the number of vice-presidents (1) and ordinary committee (2). Guess 
> they could do with a cgi script rather than a paper form. However for 
> our immediate purposes there is probably no reason not to just run 
> with the model rules as is.

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