[NERD labs] Can you please test my Module Sys::Hostname::Long

FooBard foobard at cmetech.com.au
Sun Mar 21 17:25:53 CST 2004

On Thu, Mar 18, 2004 at 02:56:19PM +1100, Scott Penrose wrote:
> Hey Dudes,
> I am about to release a new version of my Sys::Hostname::Long.
> It has many new ways of detecting the long hostname.

from the racks @ nerdlabs...

i'm sure y'all be dying to hear the results for sco openserver ;)

$ perl testall.pl
Format STDOUT redefined at testall.pl line 17.
hostname: ERROR: Illegal option -- -
hostname [-s] [hostname]
Method           |Title                            |Result
AUTOMATIC        |via network                      |cunts
exec_hostname    |Execute "hostname"
hostname: ERROR: Illegal option -- -
hostname [-s] [hostname]
exec_hostname_fqd|Execute "hostname --fqdn"        |
gethostbyname    |Get Host by Name                 |
ip               |Network Socket IP then Hostname v|
network          |Network Socket hostname (not DNS)|cunts
uname            |POSIX::unae                      |cunts
win32_registry1  |WIN32 Registry                   |
win32_registry2  |WIN32 Registry                   |

yes, the sco box is called "cunts" - it was crash's idea :)

i had a lot of trouble with the makefile - starting with the fact that
openserver doesn't come with make :P

i am also half way to testing sys hostname long on HP-UX 10.2 + 11.0, 
AIX 4.2, IRIX 5.3. Stay tuned to find out how they go.

if there is anyone with VMS or OS/400 knowledge on list i could really 
do with some help getting these OS'es running.

scooter mentioned that someone already tested on Solaris, so i didn't
attempt that platform.

not sure if there is any interest in weird-ass OS'es - RISCOS, Plan9,
BeOS, Hurd, ...?

let me know

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