Self-managed dedicated Linux hosting

Simon Taylor simon at
Thu Mar 18 20:16:32 CST 2004

Hello perl mongers,

I'm looking to move a number of domains I have to a new self-managed server.

The main impetus for this is that I can't do the things I want to do with a 
new perl-related site I'm setting up, with the virtual hosting package that 
I'm currently using.

I'd love to hear from anyone who can recommend a company that provides 
self-managed, dedicated servers running Linux.

Self-managed dedicated hosting means at least:

  * root access
  * freedom to install any software you like (such as mod_perl)
  * freedom to run multiple domains from the one box

See below for some of the providers that I'm aware of. As you'll see the 
local Australian offerings are expensive.


Simon Taylor


US based: (All self managed, few, if any real limitations) $US 129 / month, no setup fee  $US 79.00/month, setup $US 49.00  $US 79.00/month, setup $US 49.00  $US 80/month, setup $US 100 $US 100/month, setup $US 200

Aussie based: $A 360 +gst/month, setup: $900 +gst, 
  (*not* self-managed, lots of limitations...) $A 449/mo, etc, ect
  (full root access, looks OK)

Unisolve Pty Ltd - Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9568 2005

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