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Thu Jan 22 18:35:00 CST 2004

Scott Penrose wrote:
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> It is going to be tricky to encourage and even harder to judge, but I 
> absolutely love the idea of this - real contribution and encouragement 
> back in the community and a prize :-)

That's where someone who is good at human manipulation skills should kick in ;)

> BTW. We are thinking moving the conference to early December to cope 
> with U.S. Thanks Giving and therefore increase our chances of getting 
> along Dan and Larry :-) - do you think you will be available / back in 
> Aus then (are you already).

No. I'm not in AU. I'm still looking for someone to sponsor my employment pass 
in Australia. Since I already have a full time job (developing modperl 2) till 
next Nov, I'm looking for a part time job to reserve me a work permit. As I 
come to realize this is not simple at all. It'd be so much easier if I needed 
a full-time job.

If I'm around when the conference time comes certainly count me in. But at the 
moment I know very little about what's going to happen in 10 months.

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