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Thu Jan 22 18:29:51 CST 2004

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:
> I also like the idea, but perhaps we need to use a peer vote rather than 
> judge it.
> Here's an example, and I am NOT casting aspertions on Stas at all, I 
> know he is an upstanding man.
> Say that Stas enters the hacking competition, and fixes a zillion 
> mod_perl related bugs, and writes test cases for all of them for 
> regression purposes. He has met the requirements of contribution and 
> improvement, but his special knowledge gives him an unfair advantage, as 
> it would anyone who use's/extends a particular module all the time.
> So a peer vote would possibly reconcile various advantages/disadvantages 
> - those recognised by there peers as having 'achieved and contributed' 
> the most.

It won't be an issue if we agree that the prize (if it is monetary) will go 
the perl foundation ;). But I guess it't not the best incentive then.

The idea is to come up with a scheme that will make everybody want to compete 
(and contribute) because of <fill in> and not because of the material prize.

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