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Wed Jan 21 01:11:19 CST 2004

I remember us brainstorming activities etc on butcher paper, and the 
topic of participants writing a YAPC::Bruce.pm module that did 
'something useful'(tm). Given the success (and cool prize) at the Linux 
conf for the hacking competition, perhaps a topic to challenge the 
code-monkeys is appropriate ... any opinions ?

For my 2 cents worth, I'd really like to see something like 
PureCoverage, a really nice tool that provided metrics on how much of 
your code has actually been exercised by your test harness (your 
what...). PureCoverage was originally written by PureAtria, who were 
bought by Rational - who were bought by IBM ...

I've searched CPAN, and there are some pretty incomplete attempts - so 
it appear to be a non-trivial problem.

Leif Eriksen
Senior Analyst/Programmer

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