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OK :-) Some small bits of news...

	* Conference will most likely be held at Monash Uni (one campus or 
	* Conference is likely to be held in the last week of November (tied 
with location above)
	* http://www.yapc.org/Australia - will be set this week (later it will 
be redirect to below)
	* http://yapc.conf.au/ - will be setup as soon as the domain has been 
	* http://???/ - conf is temporary, so I am going to setup something 
more permanent
	* Damian Conway has agreed in Principle to do a KeyNote and talk(s)
	* Some other community bods have been approached re: talks etc
	* I setup a bit of a buzz about the conference at Linux Conf last week.

Finally - we are looking at broadening the conference a little and 
inviting other open source programming groups to be involved in 
separate streams / mini conferences (eg: Python, PHP, Postgres, MySQL, 
Open Office Programming, Zope, and even Java to name just some in the 
field). If you know anyone whom is interested in taking hold and 
running with one of these, can you pass on my contact details.



On 21/01/2004, at 1:27 PM, Paul Fenwick wrote:

> G'day everyone,
> 	As many of you may know, we're looking at organising a YAPC::AU
> (YAPC = Yet Another Perl Conference) conference for late this year.
> There's a number of exciting news snippets in this regard, and Scotty's
> been doing a sterling job in chasing down speakers and getting things
> moving.  I'm hoping there'll be an announcement and mailing list soon
> for those who are interested.
> 	A few collective memories seem to remember one helpful
> Melb.PM member who offered to do the legwork for creating a
> legal entity for YAPC::AU, which is important for the purposes of
> moving money about and having an entity that can legally enter
> into contracts.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who that person
> was.  If you're still about, please speak up, we'd love to hear
> from you.
> 	All the very best,
> 		Paul
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