cfengine-like file editing module?

Daniel Pittman daniel at
Wed Feb 11 06:33:25 CST 2004

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:
> Hi all. I've been playing with a new sysadmins tool called cfengine
> recently (and any admins on this list should have a look at it).

It's an old favorite of mine.  It has plenty of weak spots, IMO, and
the file editing is one of them.  Perl would actually make it much

> Anyway, it has an editfiles section which does some cool file editing
> stuff, although even the creator agrees the syntax is bad. Anyway, I
> was wondering if there are any perl modules which allow you to do
> something like (this is sort of a cross between cfengine and perl and
> pseudocode):
> with <filename> {
> 	ReplaceAll /regex/ With "string"
> 	IF Exists Line "<line text>" AppendLine "<line text>"
> }
> If cfengine sees this, it reads in the file mentioned in filename, and
> performs the listed transforms.

You probably want the 'cfperl' project, <>,
which does this sort of thing in Perl.

> Anyway, are there any modules with this stuff built in?

Personally, I am starting to think that what *I* want is someone,
possibly me, to build a set of Perl modules that do the things that
cfengine does.

/That/ would be a fine thing for the world.  


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