cfengine-like file editing module?

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Wed Feb 11 04:45:48 CST 2004

	Hi all.  I've been playing with a new sysadmins tool called cfengine 
recently (and any admins on this list should have a look at it).  Anyway, it 
has an editfiles section which does some cool file editing stuff, although 
even the creator agrees the syntax is bad.  Anyway, I was wondering if there 
are any perl modules which allow you to do something like (this is sort of a 
cross between cfengine and perl and pseudocode):

with <filename> {
	ReplaceAll /regex/ With "string"
	IF Exists Line "<line text>" AppendLine "<line text>"

	If cfengine sees this, it reads in the file mentioned in filename, and 
performs the listed transforms.  

	Anyway, are there any modules with this stuff built in?  

	Thanks all,


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